electric bed bug heat Treatment  

The Electrical Heat Treatment is recommendable to treat hotels, sleeping trucks, bachelor apartments and apartments without a balcony 

MATTRESS AND PILLOW  encasement FOR BED BUG protection

To protect your mattress from an infestation or to curb a mattress infestation that may have occurred, you can purchase a bed bug mattress encasement to trap the bugs inside the encasement or discourage bugs from making a permanent home in your bed.

night watch bed bug detection trap 

The Night Watch is the most advanced active bed bug monitor on the market utilizing a kairomone lure, CO2 and heat to effectively monitor and trap bed bugs.

bed bug and cockroach monitors

Catchmaster Monitors are pre-baited with food grade molasses and have an adhesive backing for placement anywhere and in any position – even upside-down.

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