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Commercial Clients

Bugs Heat Terminator prides itself in helping businesses eliminate pests from their establishments. We understand that any pest infestation can be serious and that’s why we are here to help eradicate your problem. We guarantee to eliminate any pest infestation for our commercial clients in Toronto and its surrounding area following the recommendations provided by our highly qualified and trained technicians. We offer the most effective solution based on your specific needs, as well as always ensuring to do our job thoroughly and efficiently.


Toronto is a big city that brings in millions of tourists every year, providing the hotel industry with a lot of foot traffic as people constantly come and go. Unfortunately, in some cases, these individuals may bring unwanted pests into your hotel. Bed bugs in specific have caused an epidemic in the hospitality industry as of late and we have the one-day solution you are looking for. At Bugs Heat Terminator we understand the importance of your hotel’s reputation for the success of your business and want to help you keep it that way. Our technicians have years of experience and knowledge allowing them to asses any pest activity you may encounter, they will design an effective control strategy that will stop these pests from returning to your establishment.


Restaurants provide the ideal environment for pests to get comfortable and make themselves at home. A pest sighting in your restaurant is not part of the experience you want to leave with your customers, it can affect your business and it’s reputation. Flies, cockroaches, and rodents are three of the most common pests you should be concerned about, these pests can contaminate food and endanger the health of your customers and employees. At Bugs Heat Terminator we can set up a service that is suitable for you and ensure these pests do not continue to find comfort in your restaurant.


Bugs Heat Terminator we understand property managers have a lot to deal with, and managing pests should not be one of them. Pests do not only deteriorate the value of your property but can also lead to high resident turnover. Every facility faces unique challenges when it comes to pest management and we know that ensuring the satisfaction of your residents is always of top priority, by having a solid program in place is the most effective and environmentally-responsible way to protect your property and residents from pests. With cockroaches and bed bugs being the biggest problems for residents our highly skilled team will develop a solution that will eliminate them but will also prevent them from returning.

For more information and an estimate please contact us and we will provide you with a quote that suits your needs

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